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Favorite item grown in your garden this year?

My neighbor gave me some fresh picked squash and zucchini yesterday from his garden. I grilled them with some olive oil and spices to perfection! I was reminded how wonderful garden fresh produce is.

What’s your favorite item planted this year? Can you pinpoint a favorite you are just waiting pluck and eat? Share your favorites here!


3 answers

  1. By far I'd have to say the strawberries are the best although they were planted last spring. They produce all season so we should have a lot of berries this year which is good because I've already made one batch of strawberry jam.

  2. I am a HUGE fan of patty pan squash. We have a bunch growing in our garden. My kids love to pick it and eat it, too. I have been eating arugula from our garden almost every day with my lunch, too.

    I really look forward to the tomatoes in August. That is my absolute favorite. With just a little salt, pepper and olive oil on them. There is nothing like it!

    1. In response to SHC-JulieK

      I hear ya, Julie ! I'm hoping that the local Ill/IN produce will turn out well this year, with all the water we've had :)

      I too am looking forward to the big tomatoes !

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