Favorite football team or league?

Are you an NFL or college league football fan? Which team(s) do you follow? It’s that time of year again! Football season is revving up. Let us know who you are following this year and what you are most looking forward to this football season!


3 answers

  1. DA BEARS!

  2. As my 3 year old grand-daughter would say "Go Ducks" and then put her hands together and say "OOOOOOOO".

    I think this sums up where my family stands for the University of Oregon! The other 1/4 of the family are ****** fans!

  3. Go Bears! My boys are HUGE Chicago Bears fans. I love watching the games with them. It is a good excuse to hang out together in a somewhat relaxing way. Even while screaming at the TV.

    They also do a Fantasy Football league with their buddies, which is SUPER fun, as well. Lots of harmless trash talking at school during the week!

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