Favorite fitness app?

So many new fitness apps out there today! I use MyFitnessPal and RunKeeper. What’s your favorite fitness app right now? Anything new you are particularly impressed with?


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  1. I really like using MapMyRun. But I'm looking forward to trying the updated Fit Studio website. It's cool that you can earn SYWR points for getting fit now!

  2. I really like Fitocracy. It's a general fitness with some gamification elements to it, which has been nice, since it gives me a reason to try out new workouts. Also, it integrates with RunKeeper to automatically pull in those workouts.

  3. I use both of those, as well! I am a big fan of Runkeeper. I know lots of people like MapMyRun, too.

    I just downloaded "Abs Workout" the other day, too. Just to mix it up when I am at the gym. I have tried it twice, and it has some good moves on there!

    1. In response to SHC-JulieK

      I haven't seen the Abs Workout app yet, Julie. I will have to search for that one! I prefer RunKeeper as well these days. I used to be a MapMyRun loyalist until a couple people encouraged me to try RunKeeper. I definitely prefer the RunKeeper functionality!

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