Favorite fall recipes?

Fall is officially here! What recipes do you pull out of the archives this time of year? I am planning to make a Shepard’s pie recipe tonight, something I haven’t made since last winter. Are there any recipes you feel like are especially seasonal? What are your favorites?

Speaking of yummy fall recipes, check out this delicious spaghetti squash recipe from our very own Kris Wetherbee!


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  1. I was introduced to spaghetti squash for the first time last year. My niece had made us dinner after traveling down 7 hours to California to visit family. At first I was a little skeptical for I can be quite a picky eater, but I have to say that it was quite tasty.

    Since then I have made it a few times with my family.

    We also love Shepard pie Laurel and have every few months.

    My daughter just brought out the crock-pot and made a wonderful roast for the first time. We tend to use different ingredients when cooking, so it was great to have it made differently, for I have to say, I really get tired of my own cooking LOL

  2. This is my favorite time of year, harvest season is so festive especially when it comes to all the good food everyone starts making.

    I always buy a gallon of cider when we drive the 30 miles to our nearest Kmart in Saint Johns MI. Warm it up on the stove adding a little bit of cinnamon. The area by the store has gained reputation as being a major apple & mint producing area. Saint Johns is nicknamed "Mint City."

    Uncle Johns cider mill or cider from Andy T's farmers market are the best places and they also have awesome doughnuts made on site to go with the cider. I've been making doughnuts here at home recently but use a mix I ordered from Harman's Cheese & Country Store. (Apple cider doughnut mix)

  3. I just made this amazing new recipe that had chick peas and butternut squash with a tahini-lemon sauce. I think it is a new EASY go to for a quick dinner! I also am ready to get the crock pot out for soups and stews, too.

    I have checked out that spaghetti squash recipe, and need to try it soon!

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