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  1. I still love my old reliable Joy of Cooking. I got mine almost 15 years ago, and still use it often for basic recipes. Especially baking.

    I am also a fan of Bobby Flay and his grilling focused books. I have a couple of those and reference them quite a bit when entertaining in the Spring and Summer.

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      Oh, Joy of Cooking is a good one Julie. I haven't had a chance to check out Bobby Flay's grilling cookbooks, but that sounds like a perfect gift for my hubs (birthday coming up in July)!

      Wendy, I also have a Betty Crocker cookbook that was passed down to me from my mom! I believe she got the book from her mother. I love that cookbook simply because it was passed down through my family! I really enjoy reading the older traditional recipes. It's so interesting to see what some of the staple ingredients used to be vs. things we use regularly today!

  2. I have always loved Betty Crocker!

    I have cookbooks that have been handed down from my great-grandmother and love the recipes. What I find interesting, is comparing them to the new Betty Crocker cookbooks these days.

    It seems like the older ones have more of the old fashion recipes which are longer and more ingredients, but they are mighty tasty!

    On my days off if using a cookbook, I use my older ones, but during work days I use the newer ones or Crock Pot. ;)

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      Favorite crock pot recipe? :) I am pretty tired of the crock pot recipes I've been using lately. I need to change my selection up for summer! Any suggestions for yummy summer crock pot recipes?

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