Favorite children’s book of all time?

I am attending a baby shower in the coming weeks and I am trying to decide which children’s book I want to buy for the expectant mom and baby! Any suggestions? I love Dr. Seuss books but having a difficult time deciding which book to buy!


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  1. As a younger kid I read Dr. Suess, Amelia Bedelia, several others.

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      When I was working in the schools, Amelia Bedelia was a favorite with most of the kiddos I had seen.

      Another great author is Patricia Polacco whom I shared story time with the older kids for story-retell. She has wonderful illustrations that the kids loved as a few recipes that I had made with my students.

      As for Dr Seuss? Always a hit with kids!

  2. Hi Laurel!

    What fun!

    I like the Twin Sisters Productions too. They have some very cute stories as well as music to go with them. My favorite is "I love you more!". They even have sets that you can purchase too! Check this one out, baby songs! Just to let you know, I do not have this one.

    Hope this helps ;-)

  3. If they are a sentimental person, then I would go with something that can record certain events. I think they have books you can vocally record on too, but do not know if they have them for this particular instance. Hallmark would be one location to find them, and I don't know what Kmart carries but anything is possible. Maybe a height chart, though it is too early for that. It was something that might be fun for the child to keep doing as they realize what it is for.

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      We love those books too!

      In fact my grand-daughters other grand parents had done this for her. So she was able to listen to their voices as they read a story her. It was wonderful and since they live in another state, we placed a picture in the book so that she could pair up the voices with the faces.

      It was a wonderful gift!

  4. We LOVE all the Sandra Boynton books! Those were always the biggest hits in our house-she writes just perfect little books for the 2 and under set. The favorite in our house (we had to buy a 2nd one when our youngest was born because the 1st was so worn out!) was "The Going to Bed Book". I can still recite it by heart, and haven't read it in about 6 years. Her writing style is catchy and fun!

    Although, you also can't go wrong with "The Cat in the Hat" or "Green Eggs and Ham" by Dr. Seuss! He is the best!

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      Thanks for all the awesome suggestions, everyone! I might just have to buy all of them!! :)

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      Its great to have a variety, then the parent can pick an choose which author they like best. ;-)

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      For baby shower Gift, the popular ones you can consider are ' The Cat in the Hat' and 'Goodnight Moon':)

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