Even though Kmart hasn’t added any new stores in the last five years (and has been shuttering them to regain financial footing), when the company is strong enough again, how does Kmart determine which communities to re-establish stores in? I really want my Kmart back! :(


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  1. Hi ajsanjua. Great question! I believe Kmart would look for areas that provide opportunities for growth and areas that have a need for products that Kmart provides.

    Did your local Kmart close recently? Where is your closest Kmart location now? Hope to hear more from you!

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      We lost our Kmart a long time ago during the 2002/03 bankruptcy. It was a sad day to lose Kmart #7342 at 683 South Hughes Boulevard in Elizabeth City, NC. Although seven Kmarts still exist within a fifty mile radius - six in the Hampton Roads, VA metro and one on the NC Outer Banks - all are of somewhat inconvenient distance from us, all being more than thirty miles away. Business demographics have changed significantly in Elizabeth City since 2003 to a degree that I believe may favor Kmart's possible return. As you might be aware, Kmart #7342's last location was directly across the street from a regular Wal-Mart, an arrangement that is debatable as to effectiveness, although the two did manage to coexist well until the last three years of Kmart's existence. Circumstances have since changed dramatically, with Walmart having vacated their location for a Supercenter location three miles west of town in 2008. This has produced a gaping hole in the retail landscape in the town's CBD. Given the inability or hesitancy to travel far out of town for basic goods by some residents, the timing is ripe for the establishment of a broad-line big-box retailer to fill that hole. Granted, while there are other national retailers within the city limits such as Walgreens, CVS, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Food Lion, Roses, Big Lots and Supervalu-subsidary Farm Fresh, a broad-line discount department store is lacking. Personally, I would love to see Kmart return. Frequented by inner-city traffic, Kmart could prove more convenient a stop than the Walmart located far from the city core. The only somewhat broad-line retailer Kmart would have to contend within the city limits would be Roses, but beware, in 2011 Roses' Elizabeth City store became the chain's prototype for incorporating a full-sized - note: full-sized grocery section, complete with produce, meat, frozen foods and dairy departments. At 65,000 square feet, Roses might be a good competitor, but could be easily overcome if Kmart matched or exceeded their selection and size. In summary, I have been a long-time loyal Kmart customer and am tired of making pilgrimages to Virginia Kmarts to spend my dollars. I wish something closer to home. My main question: "What would it take to have a feasibility study to locate a Kmart in Elizabeth City, NC? A nice-sized store in the ballpark of 80 to 90k square feet would be fantastic, but not necessary, especially if a more condensed size could do the job just as effectively. I suggest zeroing in on the Halstead Boulevard commercial corridor (NC Hwy 344), as the south and west edges of town seem to be the direction of future growth. If I can assist in any further way, please let me know! Good luck and God bless!

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      Sorry about some lapses in my grammar; I was feverishly writing the above response! :)

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      Hi ajsanjua,

      That is quite a distance to have to travel to your nearest Kmart, for 30 minutes can seem like longer when you have to travel through traffic as well as the possibility of high gas prices.

      We have taken your suggestions that you had provided and have sent them on to the appropriate department.

      Another way that you can get your word out is by filling out the "Feedback" questionnaire. Have friends and family do this as well. More is better to make sure that you have been heard and are in need.

      They are always using this feedback in making sure that the needs of our Kmart shoppers are being met. Plus striving to make our customers shopping experience a pleasant one as well as with ease online or in-store.

      I hope this helps for it sounds like a great place to put a new improved Kmart store.

      Have a great weekend!

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      It's been over a year and Kmart continues to shutter stores nationwide. How depressing for this loyal Kmart fan. I'm no economist, but seems that the time may be ripe for Kmart to take advantage of a worsening situation concerning Wal*Mart's downward slide. ( (And yes, I've noticed similar articles like this every so often for the past two years, but now they've become more frequent...hee hee hee).

      Wal*Mart has been dealing with months of consumer backlash concerning both their underpayment and abuse of their employees as well as a sizable slashing of their already uninsured, welfare-dependent workforce. Such understaffing is causing chronic product backups and bare shelves, all to the ever-increasing annoyance of Wal*Mart's customers.

      THE TIME IS RIPE FOR KMART TO REASSERT ITSELF. In the stores you still operate, raise wages to instill employee pride. Well-paid employees with benefits are much more apt to go above and beyond the call of duty in serving the customer and in maintaining their workplace's (eg. local store's) appearance. Speaking of which, at the same time, next to customer service, there is NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT than making a GOOD IMPRESSION. Many Kmart stores are frozen in time. What may have been state-of-the-art in the 60's, 70's, 80's or beyond is not the case for 2014.

      Sure, SHC may be hemorrhaging cash now, but that is NOTHING compared to what it has and will be losing if stores are not updated to more-appealing standards. And I don't mean the paltry paint job that I've seen at most 'remodeled' Kmarts. I mean large-scale remodels and in the most dire cases, new construction altogether, especially in metro markets where competition is stiff. APPEARANCE MEANS EVERYTHING. Lastly, I would like to ask the age-old question, "When is Kmart going to start building new stores again?" Surely your planning department knows by now lucrative potential locations around the country, even in some markets you had previously pulled out of, like my hometown.

      Kmart has been struggling for the past twenty-five years. It's time to take Kmart off of life-support and back into action!

      --A very loyal (and very concerned) Kmart customer who still makes hour-long round-trip pilgrimages to distant Virginia Kmarts

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      Hi ajsanjua!

      We appreciate you stopping back in to share your feedback with us. Your feedback is very important to us and I feel your concerns in driving an hour, for I too travel a 2 hour round trip.

      I have always loved shopping at Kmart and have done so since a little girl. Now my daughter and I continue to shop for the little one online or if traveling to the next city will stop in and grab a few things.

      We greatly thank you for being such a loyal member!

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