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This time of year, most retail stores such as Kmart have quite a few areas without any merchandise which is to be expected as we make the transition from fall/winter items to spring/summer in the seasonal sections. The Saint Johns Michigan Big Kmart has one too many areas in almost every department not being properly stocked. Two weeks ago I was at this store, put off buying my much needed French Vanilla coffee creamer (Smart Sense brand) because they were out. Stop into this store yesterday and they are still out of stock! Even when this store has a few more items in stock its still hard to find things at times due to not being properly stocked. The clothing section is a huge example of wasted space since the clothing racks seem to be spread out really far apart leaving little to choose from. I hope this issue is resolved because this store has a lot of potential and I’d prefer to not see it go down the same path as others that have closed because of bad management which is what it boils down to. Every time I’m in this store the girls they hire for cashiers seem to be doing nothing but messing around acting very unprofessional which looks bad to the customer.


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  1. I can't speak in terms of the actual store setting, because I have yet to go, but I would love to see an expansion of the available items to be purchased on-line. I have wanted to order many, and then find out I have to do a store pick-up, or it is not sold near me even if I could go. Frustrating, because some of them price wise, or product wise can't be easily found. And, when I do find them, it is not worth my ordering elsewhere. I think with the change reported at Target, people will be moving to purchase more from them in the future. I figure in some areas the Targets are very good, but I don't care for some items near me. So, when I go, I only shop for standard type of things. Since I am fairly new to shopping at Kmart, I have been very satisfied except for my not being to obtain the things I see listed. It is a shame those are not promoted when there is virtually no competition elsewhere. Okay, since food was discussed. I did not get any Hawaiian food this year, and they are way too expensive on Amazon. They are shelf stable for awhile, so can be easily shipped or warehoused. If they came into Manhattan, I may even force myself to go there. The other item was a storage cube and not available to be shipped, and there were more.

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      I don't like Target much but I'm not against shopping there unlike Walmart I've boycotted 100% but I have to say Target did a good job putting money back into a lot of their locations when they were struggling sales wise. They remodeled the Target not far from my home last year, adding in a full grocery but I have yet to stop in to see the changes. Kmart started slowly adding new grocery items to their stores starting a little over a year ago which was great but they need to follow Target's lead by remodeling their stores. Most of the new grocery items Kmart added are all jumbled in and around the store in such random areas instead of in one main grocery section.

  2. Empty Shelves Empty Leadership Empty Cash Revenues For Improvments If Theres No Merchandice Theres No Revenue.Whats Up With That Is It a sign Of Things To Come now That Ed Is Back At the Helm?Please Answer This Question.

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      Last time I saw a store this empty was back in early 2009 shortly before they announced the Corunna MI store would be closing, really hope this isn't the case at this store too but time will tell. Just read another interesting news article this morning on Kmart paying out like $300,000 to someone over expired baby formula. Apparently they discovered lots of expired over the counter medications and baby formula in quite a few stores in New Jersey. (Lets go back to about a year ago on this site,) I pointed out the fact Kmart needed to go thru every store and look for expired products because I was coming across way too many. Its time for me to run this company because I know what I'm doing. ;-)

  3. Hi izel8326,

    Its great to see you back in the MyKmart Community!

    I was sad to hear that you are having issues with your local store in regards to stock and customer care. It makes it hard to shop when you are coming in for specific items that this store has normally met on a regular basis.

    My hope is that a KmartCare team member can help you more with this issue.

    Check back soon for a reply.

    Thank you! ;)

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