Easy Plant for A Child To Grow

I definitely do not have a green thumb and was wondering it anyone has suggestions for a plant that a child can grow?
A spider plant is the only one that comes to mind, but I was wondering if there is any plant with color that is easy maintenance?
My grand-daughter is almost 3 and loves to water things, so why not have a plant for her to take care of and watch it grow?
Any suggestions would be awesome! ;)


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  1. Try the Christmas cactus, been raising plants since I was a child and they seem to be the easiest to maintain. They flower under right conditions and you can find a few varieties that provide different colored flowers, mind are the pink flowers which have been blooming like crazy since Christmas. I'd also suggest trying out a regular cactus since they are very easy to care, kid forgets to water them here and there, it should be fine as long as its not neglected for too long.

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      Wonderful! A cactus totally slipped my mind. But you are absolutely right, they would be easy to care for plus beautiful when blooming.

      I think out of all the suggestions everyone has provided, I think a cactus would be PERFECT!

      Plus with living in an apartment, putting it on the porch outside once the cold weather subsides would also give a nice touch.

      Great idea Izel! Thank you so much ;)

  2. Well everyone, I guess the plants are on hold until April or May. Thank you Laurel! I will add the Jade plant to our list.

    My daughter got side tracked on our way to pick out some plants, and we ended up at the Pet store two buildings down. We were going to go in and let the grand-baby look at the animals.

    BIG mistake! We came home with 2 baby Guinea Pigs instead. O'Lordy! LOL ;)

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      I was unable to sign in on Firefox and now am in Google Chrome on a Mac. Oh how nice to type now. In any case, I had three guinea pigs of different types. So, if you want to start a new topic-I have some old pointers. Make sure to keep them away from any drafts as they can not be given antibiotics-but maybe that has changed with new developments. I am so glad to hear the choice was not hamsters or gerbils. If parents could understand the trauma of how the adult one's deal with the babies, then they would not consider them. They also apparently like to be active while you are not.

    2. In response to SHC-WendyFD-2

      For2Day, That would be great!

      We have not had guinea pigs in over 15 years so any advice will be gladly accepted.

      I will start a new post today ;)

  3. I lost my comment, so I will cut this a bit shorter. If you can give specifics for the type of sun you receive indoors, and if you want an edible, large, or small-I will be glad to suggest some. I think since she is still young, a non toxic type because they put their hands to their mouth. Plants can be said to be easy, but they have to be away from drafts at this time of year. Maybe start with seeded types later on when it gets warmer if you see her often. They learn a lot as it grows.

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      I live in Oregon, so you never know what the weather will be LOL

      We have plenty of light that comes through so I thought it could be one that we can place up high for the kitten and her stay out of. Then take it down for her to water and look at.

      I know she is still young yet, but she loves to look at plants and flowers and I think she would love having one of her very own. Something that can grow with her ;)

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      Do you have a Dollar Tree store where you live? I noticed h

    3. In response to For2Day

      Yes we do!

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      Sorry, the post got away from me, lol.
      I noticed that the Dollar Tree here was putting out their seed starter kits and seed packets. I think that's the way to go for you/her. For $1 each, you can get a little planter with a lid and a bag of their seed starter soil. (It's very light and nutrient rich.)

      Their seeds are 4 packages for a dollar and they usually have a nice assortment of flowers, veggies, and herbs. I would definitely try one or two of the herbs because they tend to grow easily and then you and she can cook things using your freshly grown herbs! Parsley and basil are good choices. Your area may be too wet for dill.

      I use these seed starter kits for my own garden every year. Follow the instructions and most of them will sprout and grow! If you're going to transplant them, it helps to put them outside for increasing amounts of time. That helps to strengthen and acclimatize the plant so the stems and such get sturdier.

      You can keep transplanting the plants into bigger pots and eventually plant them outside or into a window box herb garden for your kitchen, if you wish! Kmart is my go-to place for the terra-cotta/clay pots and nutrient stakes, too. :)

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      Thank you Tea!

      I had no idea that they had seeds there, probably because I have issues growing things LOL

      But I do cook, so growing spices is a wonderful idea. She is going to thrilled especially when I show her the herbs up in the cupboard.

      Awesome tip! ;)

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      I am calling it a night, because three times tonight, I keep losing my comments. It is this laptop and me of course. So, I will try again tomorrow. In the meantime, look into lavender, but only buy the plant and one for your area. Garlic chives grows easily and comes back with white globed flowers, which I have at my window now. I will get more info tomorrow, when I am on another type of computer. If anyone can tell me how to stop an HP Pavillion from being so sensitive, I can have a conversation here.

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      Hi For2Day!

      Do not feel so bad about losing a post, I lost 3 yesterday too! The good thing for me was, I had re-clicked on "reply" and there it was! Not sure if it will do the same for you, but...

      As for the lavender? I may do that one for myself, love the smell!!

      The garlic chives will be a good one too! My daughter can not get enough of garlic.

      I would love to use a window sill planter, but I live in an apartment and the kitchen is not near the window. I am trying to think of a way to us one next to the slider where all the light comes in.

      Love the ideas you two!! ;)

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      I can have a lot of suggestions for you, as I have written reviews or comments about certain techniques for certain types. I am terrible at roses because of the conditions, but have researched various types of other plants. I am not fond of just decorative plants, as I tend to like flowering, food, or medicinal. Thanks for the suggestion about hitting reply and I hope to remember. I lost the live chat on Sears yesterday, but it showed up again if I went into history. By the way, try getting organic herbs if possible. If not, then organic soil. They no longer have the potting soil for indoors that is treated (forgot the category name), so I use non-toxic things. Now, to add one more choice. French Tarragon can only be grown from stock or cuttings. If you get it in warmer weather, it will grow from at least some. I bought mine in a grocery store and it took with some tender care. This is very good for you and it took me years to get it. You have to place the right combination together if planting in one pot. If your family had some baby things, like a changing table etc. those things may be used now for an idea. I have never seen one in person, so just be inventive.

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      My daughter and I are racking our brains now on how we can set some plants up in the living room.

      I think I need to look around for something to hold the window box so we can hang it. I have 2 perfect places to do so.

      We are both so excited with all the tips you two have given so tomorrow is going to be a shopping day. Wahoo!!

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      Walmart (sorry!) sells pairs of L-shaped brackets you install under your windows outside for window boxes. I don't see why you couldn't use them under inside windows, as well! You'll just have to be careful when you water.

      I have them outside under my windows and they're quite sturdy. They were $5/pair when I bought them 6 years ago. They're sold in pairs but they are separate brackets so you can put as much or as little space as you need in between them, depending on the size of containers or planters you're using.

      Just a thought!

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      Thank you Tea! I will look into that also.

      I am sure once I start looking at things to use for planting my visualization will kick in on where we can place them.

      For2Day mentioned the changing table, which would be awesome to use too, but no where to place in the living room plus the kitten would be in it constantly LOL

      Thank you sooooo much for all these wonderful tips and ideas. I will let you both know what we come up with. ;)

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      I definitely do not have a green thumb but I have a jade plant in my kitchen that I have managed to keep alive! I would suggest a jade plant or something super low maintenance. Good luck,let us know what you decide on!

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