Does Kmart send you an email regarding a drug test? Or do I have to go myself and submit one? I was hired once interviewed but haven’t received any emails?

I was hired for seasonal, but was told I had to wait for emails and so far its been over a week and nothing? Is it best for me to call or wait?


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  1. Hi 8bambam8!

    Congratulations on getting hired and welcome to the Kmart team!

    If you know which store location you will be working, you can go and speak with the store manager. Another option is to call our Human Resources office to verify that all you information is correct and to let them know that since being hired you have had no email contact.

    For assistance, please contact 1-888-88sears ( 888-887-3277)

    Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.

    Thank you!

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