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  1. Depends on the store from what I've seen. One local Kmart store is now carrying live plants in a glass vase which also includes a Betta Fish swimming around in the water and roots in the bottom. I'm not exactly sure how I really feel about this product, interesting and sort of cruel in a way because you know most are going to die horrible deaths caused by employee neglect, plant and fish both. On a good note...the cactus I saved from Kmart a few years back that was literally a day from death due to neglect is now about 5 feet tall!

  2. Most Kmarts have a garden center which is open, depending on the local climate, throughout the year or only during the warmer months, and live plants are sold in that garden center. Each region of the country may have different offerings, again based on the local climate. If you need help finding a plant you're looking for, I'm sure your local store's garden center associate would be glad to help you.

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