Does Kmart price match?

I purchased an item in-store and it is a lower price on your website and a few others. I went to the customer service desk and they told me you dont price match but on your website it says it does.


2 answers

  1. Many times my customers come to me saying they saw an item online for one price, but in our store a higher price is shown on the shelf. Unfortunately, online prices ARE sometimes different than store prices, and the only way to get the lower online price is to order the item online. Except under exceptional circumstances, the rule is that stores are not allowed to match the online prices. However, if you select the "ship to store" option instead of having the item shipped to your house, you will pay NO shipping fees. Instead, you will receive an email when your order is completed and you can pick up the item at the Kmart store of your choice.

  2. Hi, thesainted. Each Kmart store has their own policies. The 7 day price protection included on is for Kmart products purchased on the website only. Apologies for any confusion, hope this helps!