Does anyone know what year store number 3242 in Lakeland FL. closed? Located at 947 Bartow Rd.33801

Store that obviously closed in the 90′s and is now a Chevrolet dealership.


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  1. Hi, Kmart1701A. I was able to find a reference to Kmart #3242 in Lakeland Florida by Google search that was dated March of 2000. I was unable to find any official information regarding a closing date but wanted to share what I was able to dig up via Google. Hope this helps!

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      Thanks it does help although I am curious to know if this store relocated and became #3985 which has been my current store for years. Also I would like to know the date that my other store closed during the bankruptcy. I do not remember the store number but the address was 4275 U.S. 98 North Lakeland, Florida 33809.

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      Along with store #3608 that closed during the bankruptcy I also want to find out info on another store #3461 in Winter Haven FL.

    3. In response to laurelS

      Hi Kmart 1701,

      Unfortunately I was unable to find any official information on store #3461 regarding a closing date.

      Sorry that I could not provide further info for you!

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