Does anyone know what Kmart’s plans are for remodeling their stores in 2013?

I just want to know if SHC plans on doing any remodeling or painting or facade work in 2013. What about store layout redesigns, or updating the registers or floors and ceilings and shelving? Are there any plans for anything new? It just seems like a lot of the stores I have been to still need work and nothing has really been done for years, although my local store got new carts and beautiful new bathrooms! Can someone please let me know if there are any plans for some massive makeovers this year?


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  1. 4 More store closings announced in the past month.The only Kmarts that are getting Remodeled are in Austraila.Why they even accasionaly open a Brand New Kmart.There Kicking Targets ***.They have those Down Under also.Hows the New Kmart Express Store Peutro Rico Doing.Been open over a Year but nobody on this site seems to have any Knowledge of it or any other improvments at Kmart.Its all a Big Secret they don't want Walmart Stealing There Ideas!!!!!!

  2. kmart is a bunch of thieves.

  3. I'd imagine that a lot depends on whether they own the buildings or are leasing them. I don't think they could or would make big changes to leased property. I know our store here is leased -- it almost closed several years ago because of a dispute over the lease.

    They updated the displays and signage and remodeled the bathrooms and K Cafe. They keep the store very, very clean and clutter-free so it's a pleasure to shop there. That's probably all they can do since the building is leased.

    I wish they'd build some new state-of-the-art stores here in Texas! Our store here does a good business in a less-desirable part of town and an older plaza. If they built a big, new, shiny K in a better part of town, they'd do a whole lot more business!

  4. Better yet, it would be awesome to hear SHC announce they will be opening a handful of new stores this year to replace a few aging ones and a few to replace some already closed. We're all allowed to dream! lol

  5. Hi, Deb! I have not heard specific remodeling and renovation plans for the year. I will be happy to research for you and share any news I am able to find with you here.

    1. In response to laurelS

      Thanks laurel, that would be nice of you! I'm just curious if my local store has any remodeling plans in the near future!

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