Does anyone know if any more kmart stores will be closing in the near future?

I work for the company, and was reaching out to gather more information to see if I needed to look into getting another job.


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  1. Sentinel newspaper had a story today(3/21/13)stating that Shippensburg,Pa.Kmart will close this summer.

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      The last known closure in PA was store #3051 WARMINSTER.

      Thank you!

  2. More store closings were in the paper today including Mygofer.

  3. I read and article in a Detroit news papper that was about troubled retailers closing locations.In the article the number was 175-225 Kmarts closing and 90-125 Sears stores closing in 2013.That would seem to affect the supply network for those stores and leadership positions at the home office.Again Bad News.There are Some New KDollar stores a testing Markets and some select Sears store Remodels and even upscale retail and housing property projects!But its being kept secret.I read that the new KDollar store in Detroit the community its in is practicly unaware of its exsistence.Theres very few customers going there its a well kept secret.NO PROMOTIONS NO ADVERTISING NO GRANDOPENIG CELEBRATIONS!THERES SMART AND THEN THERES KMART SMART!!!!

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      My Uncle worked for Eastern Airlines from 1960 - through the 1980's. A man named Frank Lorenzo bought control of the company when Eastern was in bankruptcy he slowly ruined the company - by selling off it's assets and only leaving the worst routes with old dated planes. Go forward 20 years - a hedge fund manager named Edward Lampert buys kmart and sears and ...... See any comparison?

  4. Hi, cmdenney. Thanks for reaching out! I am not aware an official release of store closings for 2013. I would recommend speaking with your immediate manager to discuss questions and express any concerns you have.

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