Does anyone here do the sweepstakes on the SYW website?

Because I have been absolutely obsessed with them! They are kind of fun and your chances of winning are pretty good! I just started doing them and I have already won some SYWR points! I love it!


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  1. Yes I have won a Sandra lee prize pack but 7 weeks later still did not receive. Also won 40,000 points there when I woke up?

  2. Hi debrockwell,

    Once upon a time I use to enter but like londonteatime I too gave up when I wasn't winning anything and basically did not have time to fill them out.

    But winning SYWR points?? I am all in for that! ;)

    1. In response to SHC-WendyFD-2

      I do on occasion enter a sweepstakes but only if I'm bored online just browsing the SYWR site. I entered a few last night along with rating quite a few products. Put a handful of items in my "buy list" folder. I wish we were able to receive points for rating so many items instead of just receiving badges, would also be nice to receive points for entering sweepstakes because its obviously hard to win on those. How many people do actually win on the sweepstakes?

  3. I did a bunch around the holidays but lost interest. I didn't win anything, as usual. I tried to enter one last week but the site was glitchy and I couldn't create a catalogue. I might try it again when I'm bored and laid up after hip surgery.

    1. In response to londonteatime

      Hi Londonteatime,

      I am sorry to hear about your hip surgery. My thoughts and prayers are with you in a successful surgery and speedy recovery! ;)

    2. In response to londonteatime

      I know, I've done a bunch and haven't won much, and some of the sweeps are time consuming and a little confusing, but I won 8 bucks and now I'm hooked lol!

    3. In response to londonteatime

      Thank you! It will be a relief to get it done. It's a specialized surgery so I have to go to Austin for it next month.

  4. I took a look but have not tried any at the moment. I still want to get the hang of the website/s first and have experience with the products. I have voted on the polls when they were important. Have fun, and actually I received an offer in my e-mail but it does not show up. Hoping it is valid, because I will be able to order something. Good luck with the contests

    1. In response to For2Day

      Hi For2Day,

      Let us know if you have any questions or concerns as you frequent the websites! ;)

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