Do you Yoga?

Have you tried Yoga? Do you have any special Yoga DVD’s that have worked for you?

I am just beginning and would love to hear which one’s you have tried!

Do you have any recommendations for those just starting?

I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


5 answers

  1. Has anyone heard of "Qui Gong"?

    I have just ordered the DVD and in talking with others, it is a form of exercise used to generate health, balance and vitality, help with depression, increasing the muscular flexibility, stress as well as relaxation and anxiety.

    My daughter and I are really looking forward to trying this new technique out!

  2. I do like yoga! Wish I had more time to do it-it is great exercise and gets your body stretching. I used to actually do this Crunch Yoga DVD a couple of times a week for awhile. This was a nice reminder as to how much I enjoyed this DVD!

    1. In response to SHC-JulieK

      This one looks good Julie! Is it pretty easy flowing with the body? I am just wondering on how easy is it to adapt to my lower back disorder? Did you do the "Joy of Yoga" too?

      I remember doing Yoga in college, but it was over 15 years ago and loved it. We had to commute an hour home and worked perfectly just before the drive.

      Thank you for sharing ;)

  3. I enjoy yoga but haven't had many chances to attend classes in a studio. I have done some yoga that was included in the P90x program and found it super challenging! Good luck with your journey, let us know how it goes and if you find some great DVDs.

    1. In response to laurelS

      What is the P90x program?

      I would love to be able to work out from home, that way I can adapt if need be. But I also would not mind taking another class to have an instructor help to modify movements if need be.

      Thanks for sharing ;)

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