Do you think the President should step in to stop Ed Lambert from Destroying SHLD such as he did with GM and Crysler and some of the larger Financial Institutions. Sears and Kmart are and were some of the larger Employers in the United States and the current Leadership is in a Self Destruck Mode!

The Final Solution!


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  1. It is clear that there is toil afoot.... I agree - the President is a great source for stopping 'runaway silliness' in big business ! Especially for long-established institutions like Kmart :):) Hello to you two also !

  2. I would rather see the employees revolt by going on strike at all locations and offices, demand change, demand store closures and better pay. In this situation it would be best if somehow those employed by SHC could push Eddie out of the company completely by pooling resources to buy out all the stock possible in the company. Becoming an employee owned & operated company is the only way to save Sears or Kmart at this point since the entire company has been being picked apart and scrapped piece by piece for years now. What is left won't keep the company afloat without major change.

    1. In response to izel8326

      *demand store closures stop for at least a year

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