Do you recycle?

Today is America Recycles Day! To determine the value of your recyclable items, click here. At Sears Holdings, we recycle every day and we hope you do to! Click here to learn more about our green initiatives. Happy America Recycles Day!


6 answers

  1. Unfortunately, there is no recycling in my area. Since I can't drive, it would be beyond a burden to walk to the nearest recycling center carrying bags of my trash. It's sad - I wish I could recycle at home, but, instead, I have no choice but to let everything just get thrown in the dumpster to be sent to the local dump.

    1. In response to ericdn

      I totally understand... And I can't verify that all of the plastic bags collected at the grocery stores, as well as any of the other collected items, are reaching processing plants... :)

  2. Here in our township, they do not pick up recycling. The nearest recycling centre that is open 24/7 is about 17 miles away.
    A person in town lets me put my recycling in his containers--as they DO have curbside recycling pickup in the city limits. His house is only 3 or 4 miles from my house.
    I reuse everything I can & donate mags to my local library.

  3. I recycle as according to law and try to make use of items for creative use. But, we also have to follow what the building requires, though some neighbors do what they please. I know people in houses have trouble getting rid of magazines, so if you read them perhaps you can pass them on. I made good use of that in my building, until I got many on my own and leave mine now. I think some areas need help with senior centers, and perhaps you can bring some unwanted books for their fundraisers. Maybe even assisted living facilities.

    1. In response to For2Day

      Now that's a neat idea ! I only get ConsumerReports and I keep each one for reference... I also will get the most out of 'secondary containers' for creative and funtional use :)

  4. I do :):) !
    Almost 100 percent of all paper and other consumables in my home :) Very little trash generated... {^^,!