Do you provide any Linux distributions on computers in place of Microsoft or can I arrange to get a Microsoft refund for removing MS from the computer after it’s purchased?

I refuse to use Microsoft. I’m also going to need the UEFI so-called secure boot disabled if it’s on.


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  1. Unfortunately, I know of no computers that Kmart sells that do not come with Windows pre-installed. You're right - part of the cost of the computer includes the license for Microsoft Windows. Because this is a part of our licensing agreements with the manufacturers and distributers of the computers, who also have to pay a license to Microsoft, I doubt you would be able to obtain any refund, but perhaps a member of the forum administration can help you further. As far as I know, it is possible from MOST computer distributers to arrange to have a Linux OS (or none at all, potentially) when you buy your computer from them, so that you will not pay Microsoft any license fee at all.