Do you have any party plans for the Big Game this weekend?

Anyone trying a new recipe or working on a party theme for the Big Game? I have been looking through fun and healthy recipes to try but would love some additional suggestions if you have any to share!


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  1. Well...I'll be working this Sunday and we expect to be BUSY at Little Caesars of Corunna MI. Our store is unique due to the fact we actually have a dining room that has a few big screen t.v.s & we serve beer so not only will dine-in be busy but take-out as well. I had planned to take the big day off due to a bad experience working it ten years ago while working for Corporate Little Caesars, we were not prepared and it was a disaster. I have confidence in our crew this time around so it should all run smoothly since we have a full crew unlike what we had New Year's Eve when we had only three on in the kitchen.

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      Hi izel,

      Your store is unique! Ours is just big enough for maybe 4 families to be standing inside waiting to pick up their order. None of our stores have many tables in them, I am guessing 4 small tables with 2 chairs set up at each. On top of that, none of our stores sell beer!

      My kid's mouth's dropped open when I told them LOL

      It sounds like you are really prepared and I am sure things will run smoothly ;)

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      Forgot to mention we also have a handful of video games out in the dining room which brings in quite a few people who reserve tables for parties. I'm not sure why more franchise & even corporate dine-in stores haven't been built because they are a huge success.

  2. Wish I was a Big Game fan, but have never really been interested unless I am there physically.

    But in the past we would all bring a dish of finger foods such as veggie trays, chips, with homemade salsa or guacamole, and salami and cheese's.

    A major favorite of my family's is wrapping peppercini's in salami and cream cheese and holding it together with tooth picks. YUMMY!! ;)

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      My husband would love the pepperoncini wrap, Wendy! I've added that to my planning list. I am also planning to do a veggie tray with a cucumber greek yogurt dipping sauce I found on Pintrest.

      I am not a major football fan either, so I'm mainly joining the festivities to hang out with friends. I like to watch the commercials! haha

      Thanks for sharing your food ideas!

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      Laurel - the dip sounds very interesting. I am not much of a yogurt eater but I am interested enough to look it up and see all the other ingredients too.

      I forgot to also add that we had always made the Chex Mix snacks for the kids. Those always go like hot cakes.

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