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  2. I don't know all the brands or merchandise here, but I checked if they carried this one I will mention here. Vizio which is primarily a tv company but is expanding. It is based in the United States, and has good regular prices. Only some parts are manufactured outside of the country from what I just read. It has some other interesting good points to how it is run. I just got a tv, but not from here and it is a simple type and was inexpensive. I never thought I could own the size for what I paid. It will depend on what type of items you are looking for.

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      Vizio is an excellent brand of TV. I have a Vizio HDTV in my bedroom, it's several years old already, and yet still works in perfect condition. The quality, in my opinion, is fantastic.

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      I think you helped me out before, when the site was different on a computer issue before? And, I think you said you work in the technological area? So, I am glad to have your opinion. I made the choice from a person's alerting me to the brand, reading reviews, recent mentions of the brand, and now write ups in magazines. I hate buying anything without seeing it, but I really needed a tv. To hear that it will last is what I wanted to know. The main thing I would suggest, is if possible wall mount it, because it is very light and mine moves about because I only have antenna connection. P.S. If anyone has suggestions about what type of brand I can connect is it the coaxil? cable from the tv to the antenna for better reception, that is another issue. I tried to see if I could order it from Kmart, but did not know what would be good to look for.

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      Yes, that was me! :) In my opinion, Vizio is a good, solid brand name without the extra mark-up in price. As for wall-mounting, all Vizio TVs I've come across can be wall-mounted. You can use any kind of coax cable you would like, but the general rule of thumb is to stay away from the flimsy ones. There should be some resistance when you try to bend or unbend a good coax cable. You probably won't need any of the super-insulated (and, thus, super-expensive) cables - just one with a little resistance and doesn't look like it's worth 99ยข in materials.

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      Thanks for the information, because I went to a store which carries all these items, yet did not have a coaxil cable which I found strange. I need a longer one and could not figure out on-line what to look for. I guess I can try looking again because they just sent me some more credit. What I hate most about these digitals is trying to get the stations initially, the thing they have to fix is you have to scan. The best way is to move it in the position it will not be in permanently, then move the antenna around, and then a lot more will come in. For people who don't have antennas for getting it over the air, count yourself lucky.

      Getting back to the original topic, this is probably not what was wanted. But, a lot of beauty products can be produced in America-don't know about the ingredients. New York City is a center for many of their headquarters. Magazines, also come out of New York, and if you want me to plead the case for New York. I just did. Chemical products probably come from the United States too, glues possibly. I am not familiar enough with Kmart and it's connected companies to speak on specifics. I often write about these things or look at my products to know what I am buying and if I will spend my money on a certain type of product. That is why I hate ordering on-line.

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