Do You Have A Process When Moving?

When moving, do you have family and friends who help? If so, how is this process organized?

Or, do you hire movers to help with packing or loading?

This is my first year actually hiring movers to load the U-Haul. Our process this year will be us packing while they load. Once we get to our new home, we will have a few family members coming over to help with the unloading.

I find this to be quite a relief, for some of our furniture is too heavy, plus they will have to go upstairs to load the truck. This can cause a big strain on my body and since we are loading and unloading in the same day, I felt this investment will help our family tremendously!

I would love to hear your thoughts on if you had ever hired a moving company. Either for packing, loading or driving and was this service a benefit to you and your family?


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  1. I just wanted to provide an update on my experience!

    It was WONDERFUL! I had hired to 2 guys to load a 20' U-Haul an they did my whole 3 bedroom apartment with 15 minutes to spare.

    One of my main concerns after them doing so was the drive. Did they pack the stuff tight enough where nothing is falling over or moving around? YES!!

    Once we arrived to our destination and started unpacking, there was not one thing that had been broken by the move. Everything was in tact and on top of that, they even provided their own rope to tie things down to make it safe.

    That is what I find unbelievable! Would I do it again? Yes!

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      Hooray, Wendy ! I'm so glad that it went so wonderfully for ya ! . . So when I do the same with my house in a few years, I'll definitely remember this :):):) ! Cool beans (' ', !

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      I would definitely check into it!

      My only wish was that I was able to hire a team at our new location to unload. Unfortunately the company did not extend to where we moved and the other one that I had seen wanted 2x as much. YIKES!

      I know I will be doing it again in future moves though! ;-)

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      Yes, I know what you mean, and the additional unpack is unfortunately where the bulk of the expense is too... I'm almost eligible for AARP and I wonder if they have any concessions for this... I may have to do a bit of snooping on their website later. I've seen their commercial about the various 'extras' that they offer discounts on thru their auto insurance. If I find any info, I'll share it with the community ;) !

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      That would be great!

      I know I had received registration (just turned 50) but it came during the time of packing, so I think it may have been discarded.

      I really did not get the chance to look it up to see what all is offered except the word "medical" that stood out.

      Any savings that we can find is always a welcoming factor ;-)

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      I totally agree, my sweet friend Wendy !
      And I hope that you thoroughly enjoy your new residence, Wendy ! You're already halfway there, enjoying life in the Pacific Rainforest, LOL !

      I will get there soon, on a grand visit of sorts, meaning in a few years ! I'm quickly losing my Illinois clutch, if you know what I mean :):) !
      Enjoy your unpacking, if you can.... There's plenty of time for that, Sweety !

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      Since we did not have the help to unpack, we had unloaded and then unpacked as we went.

      It took us a few days longer, but at least once the truck was emptied 3/4 of the unpacking was done. So nice!!

      We are loving being back on the coast, which is a nice little town of 5,000 people. The beach is now 20 minutes away as well as going into town for shopping with around 15,000 population.

      Loving the quiet and traffic of 5 cars LOL I was petrified when coming to Chicago last April especially with the taxi drivers!

      So now we are 3 1/2 hours to Portland which as I stated, has plenty of sites to keep one occupied, but of course lots of traffic!

      But for us country folks? Loving the tranquility! ;-)

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      Sounds like heaven ! I can't wait til it's my turn :):) !

  2. Saw this kinda late...

    When I was younger, I was blessed to have many coworkers to help - both when I was in the military and then later at my current job. The hardest part was the packing into boxes, really, for the eventual "moving crew" was usually young and strong bodies from work. I used to always promise a four hour day, with a pizza and beer party to follow, which enticed some. Once, my friend who had a large horse trailer and then a bunch of pick-up owners helped, and we didn't even need a rental truck :D !

    At this time in my life, I would utilize movers and packers, being unable to do a whole lot like years ago... I think that your investment is worth it, Wendy :) And good luck in the evolution :):) !

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      Thank you yobarps!

      Those were the good old days that's for sure! We never did have any one with a horse trailer, but we did have lots of trucks and at least 1 van.

      After a while I eventually rented the U-Haul for it felt like it was easier on everyone just moving everything into one truck.

      As for the movers? If they can help save this old girls back I am all for it! I do know that if for some reason that they were not able to move everything within 2 hours, at least it will be all little stuff for which we can handle no problem! ;-)

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      They certainly were . . . !
      I'm glad that things went smooth for you :)!

  3. I vote for movers!!! :) I have done many DIY moves and absolutely hate the process. It is such a pain! I have heard lots of positive feedback from others who have used moving companies so I would definitely recommend checking a couple companies out if you are thinking about going that route. I imagine it is totally worth the expense!

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      My hope is that it will be a positive experience! I have hired 2 guys for 2 hours. This should give them plenty of time to load my whole apartment.

      I am so excited but then worried at the same time LOL

      I will have to come back during vacation and update how it went for if this works out, I will probably not be a DIY'er ever again ;-)