Do you buy food in bulk?

I recently saw a news clip (local news station) that suggested buying in bulk is making a big comeback. Last week was in fact ‘National Bulk Foods Week’. Not only are families buying paper goods in bulk, many are now buying food in bulk – think coffee beans, grains, nuts, spices.

Do you buy foods in bulk? If so, what foods do you generally buy in bulk?


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  1. I always think we should, especially pasta, but we just don't have enough storage space for it.

    We inherited an old fridge, though. So, that may change soon! I would love to have a place to store lots of soup during the colder months. Not only that, but with work and kid's activities, I would love to have a place to store a few extra frozen pizzas for emergency dinners.

    1. In response to SHC-JulieK

      That's an excellent point, Julie ! Space is a premium...
      I'm a bit of a hoarder of pantry items that I find in my out-n-abouts and now I'm trying to turn myself around and Use this stuff much more, while lessening my dependence on DunkinD and others. A coworker recently praised the fact that he added veggies to his meals again after a ridiculously long hiatus, LOL !

  2. Get this - I bought a large count toilet tissue issued at Costco but purchased at Cook Brothers Warehouse in Chicago !
    As for food, I don't do the bulk thing, living by myself... I do very little food shopping and even less cooking, which is neither here nor there, and this may be admired or abhorred, depending on who you ask, LOL !

    So why did I respond to your question ? Because you are such a special person whom I admire so much ! . . . -Yobarps :)