Do seasonal part-time workers have to work 29 hours a week?


I am a new hire at my local Kmart. I want to earn some extra money for the holidays. However, my HR manager notified me that the company’s policy is at minimum hours 29 hours a week.

I’m 18 years old senior in high school, due to that It’s very difficult for me to go to work almost 40 hours a week excluding homework, and handle another 29+ hour job.

My question is, do all seasonal workers have to work at a minimum of 29 hours?

If it helps, I live in Michigan.


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  1. Also, I only found out about this because I placed "15-20 hours per week" minimum restriction on my schedule notes; there was no other mention of this "minimum 29 hours".

    I'd like to continue working for Kmart, however if it's detrimental to my health, well-being and sanity, sadly I have to keep my priorities straight.

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      Hi LimonKay, to answer your question as a part-time employee myself...part time employees are considered so if they work 30 hours or less per week. Anything over 30 is considered Full Time.

      If you can only work 15-20hrs a week due to school, employers can & will work around that so no you aren't required to put in those full 30hrs.

      I work for Little Caesars up here in Corunna MI and my franchise owner has all part time workers now at 26hrs a week to avoid having anyone go over. If we go over that 30hr/week allowance he has to count us as full time and provide health insurance. (Affordable Healthcare Act) is so great. NOT! lol

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      I'm sure as a "Seasonal" help employee, certain companies may require you to work the full 29 or 30 hrs. Temporary positions come with a whole different set of rules depending on the company.

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      You are correct izel8326,

      Thank you for your reply.
      My hiring manager notified me seasonal position requires 29 hours a week at a minimum, though she's willing to work with me to lower it a little.
      When I am hired as a part-time worker, I'll be getting the schedule and hours of my availability.

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