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  1. I also tried one (A Bell&Howell)which didn't work... All it did was plug-up with earwigs (so I reckon that it was a good attractant!)

    I've heard good stories from folks who tried those fake owls, though...
    Good luck !

  2. The answer to your question is--it all depends on who you ask. Naturally if you ask the manufacturers they will say yes, however many gardeners and previous owners of these devices might likely disagree. Currently there is no conclusive scientific data to suggest they do, or do not work. One study on rodent repellents suggest they do, however the study was conducted with lab mice--the outcome didn't fare well with wild mice.

    Some repellents are ultrasonic based devices that emit a series of high frequency, short length sound waves designed for specific animals/rodents. Some deterrents designed for birds work by mimicking sounds of various birds of prey. We have tried both types to repel mice and to keep birds away from blueberries, and neither worked. In fact my husband and I both sat off on the sidelines (hidden from view) with the bird repellant in place only to see hungry birds continue to ****** the blueberries! Even if they do work, the problem is that animals and birds often adapt and grow accustomed to their presence and sound. That's my opinion, for what it's worth. Good luck!

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