Did you know today is National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day?!

Do you have children? How do you encourage your children to participate in making meals for the family and enjoying cooking? Share your fun experiences with kids in the kitchen here and celebrate with your family TODAY!


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  1. I have been teaching my kids to cook since 10 years of age. Guarantee that this is not one of my best traits but they will have enough skills to fend for themselves once on their own.

    For the past year we have all been taking turns in the kitchen which has been great. My daughter has shown great interest in new recipes and has been cooking some great dishes these past few months.

    But since it is National, I just sent my daughter to the store for steak and potatoes. Lets see how her skills line up with fixing me dinner while I work tonight for she has not cooked a steak un aided yet! LOL

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