Decorating for Halloween

I’ve already broke out the Halloween decor and started putting it out. Little bit early? I don’t think so!

The living room has been filled with all sorts of decorations I’ve collected over the years (mostly from Kmart.) I bought a couple small scary looking hanging dead figures of a clown & bride on last night to add to the fun.

Most people start decorating for Christmas just as early so Halloween being my favorite time of year gets just as much attention. Anyone else started decorating yet?


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  1. We are hoping to put up decorations this year depending on how the little one views them in the store. She just finally decided she wanted to be a BumbleBee this year instead of a Princess so we should be getting her costume at the end of this week.

    It sure would be nice to put up decorations this year for I have some new ones that I haven't had a chance to display yet!

    Clowns? That has always been a fear of mine, even when they have a painted smile on! Scary!!!

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      The clown phobia thing may stem from the fact that a well executed makeup job renders it hard to tell what the wearer really looks like, which may cause the subliminal fear in people... This is just a guess of mine. I'm of the non-scared clown crowd.... {``,]

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      That could be a very good possibility but you would think that I would have grown out of it by now. I have quite a few family and friends whom have the same thoughts on clowns.

      But I have grown, for I do not scream and run the opposite direction anymore!

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      That's great, for I'm a bit of a clown often, lol ! But you might still scream at the site of my strange face ;} !

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      What I have noticed during Halloween, is the clown not being as prominent as the others. When we were younger we did not buy costumes but made out own but the clown was not even a thought to even dress up as.

      We dressed up as ghouls, lumberjacks, vampires etc. the simple costumes where you played with your mothers make-up LOL

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      Exactly ! Me and my brother were the usual Count Dracula, with our pale shade and pronounced sideburns ! And the teeth was really easy ! My mother did all of the intensive work with the capes (sewing), you know....

      Where would society be without women (and men) who sew ? . . . . I too have noticed a decline of clowns for the season...

  2. Oh, it's never too early! We just moved, so I need to find those decorations. My kids are already sooo excited for Halloween. I have to order a Police Officer uniform and my oldest wants to be James Bond or Julius Peppers from the Chicago Bears.

    I am ready to buy a few more decorations for the yard, too. I like the idea of a few small hanging dead figures. Now that my kids are older, they LOVE that stuff, and aren't scared by it.

  3. I have noticed lots of Halloween candy and decor out in stores! We haven't displayed our Halloween decor just yet but I don't think it's too early. I say go for it and enjoy the season!

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      I've been on the hunt for more decorations on the past couple days, added a few to my collection already. LOVE this time of year!

      I found a set of zombie flamingos on but they are "out of stock" so I requested an email as soon as they become available. I need those. lol

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