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What items at Kmart would you like to see go on sale and what sort of sale would you choose for these items? I’d love to see a sale on live plants in the garden center this spring such as a Buy one get one deal or even a buy one get one of equal or lesser value (mix & match) for half off.


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  1. I need to add some life to my front lawn and would like to see an Outdoor Living sale as well izel! I also have some painting on my project list and need to replace a couple older light fixtures with ceiling fans. I believe some home improvement products are on sale this week at my local Kmart! I browsed the circular yesterday and found some things I need.

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      We had a chain link fence installed around our front yard to keep our dog in and others out, neighbors have huge dogs while we have a Pomeranian so a much needed expensive investment! I find the fence to be a good safety measure but then again it made me start envisioning a few landscaping projects to make it look more presentable. I nicknamed my 1acre lot "Looking Glass Gardens" since I live on the Looking Glass River and have started adding little flower & vegetable gardens around my property. Great canvas to work with and trying my best to use whatever items I can find at Kmart to add to them. If only I had all the money I need for the ideas I've come up with! lol

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      I'm going to be replacing the picket fence I have around my front yard so I may buy a few more rose bushes to go in front, by the fence gate. I had two bushes die on me after an exceptionally wet spring and summer one year. I had mulched like mad but they succumbed to root rot with all of the water.

      I'm looking forward to having the new fence built. The one I have is just beyond repair, at this point.

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      I wonder if my White Pines around my yard are suffering "root rot?" Basically I live on a flood plain along a river, if not for the huge pond in the back yard we would flood out all the time. It was very wet in 2011 and quite wet last spring but very dry all summer. Those pine trees aren't happy at all but I've been reading & hearing about a lot of diseases hitting trees around here too. Going to try some of that pine tree fertilizer this spring to see if it helps because I'm sure they could use some anyway.

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