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Kmart could increase beer sales if they installed a few coolers to keep the main selling brands cold.

I do a lot of shopping at the Saint Johns MI Kmart, most of these shopping trips are done before we head over to friends homes on the weekend. These same friends seem to always ask us to pick up beer which Kmart carries but not cold so we end up making an extra stop I’d rather avoid.

I worked at a convenience store so know all too well first hand about the fact beer & tobacco are major sellers which brought another issue to my attention at the Big Kmart in Saint Johns MI.

Next door in the same plaza is an Admiral discount cigarette shop, Kmart sells cigarettes at $7.39+ tax no matter the brand while most of the same brands next door at Admiral Tobacco are under $5!

The cigarettes at this Kmart are kept in a tiny display out of view of the customer to begin with so that along with very high unreal mark-up pricing on these just lets merchandise sit there going bad. Cigarettes get stale quick especially when the store has bad air conditioning.

Lowering these prices and adding a better display along with providing coolers for cold beer to the customer will increase sales in these two areas drastically. Customers buying cold beer will also be looking for other items such as snacks and such so its good for business all around. :-)


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  1. Great suggestions, Izel! I will be happy to share with the appropriate team for consideration.

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