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  1. We will got to the sons house have a nice christmas dinner. Spend some nice time with family. Sometimes if we are with the other side of the family we go to church

  2. We have Christmas with my parents on Christmas Eve!

  3. I ususally make oyster soup stew/ make a lot of ridiculous resolutions like losing weight so I look like a model or movie star which will not ever happen, always watched **** Clark at Times Square and this year plan to be with my husband and give him a great big bunch of kisses always talk to most of my family and friends
    Eat and drink only things we really love to eat would love to watch fireworks but there are none here in NC where we live in the foothills of the mountains I also love to walk with my husband but he will be working until 2300 You all have a blessed New Year

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      Sorry I thought this was about new years We or I always go to candlelight service at church and sometimes open gifts when we get home after midnight from driving around and lookijng at all the amazing lights this year My husband went with meafter work and we prayed for all those in need and our families this year I prayed for all the children and adults effected by the tragedy at Sandy Hook school and in The easter seaboard all the people affected by the hurricane

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      ... and I'm sure Mr. Clark would be happy to know his own name is not suitable for PG viewing. He up in heaven thinkin' "gull daarn, those myKmart mods are at it again". ha I'm just havin' a lil' fun with everybody.

      Anyway 2013 gonna be a great year.

  4. Christmas is the time for the grandchildren to come over and we all pray for a safe year then sit back and laugh bout the things that happen doing the year 12 o clock we open present drink egg nog an sing song what a noise we make we love CHRISTMAS

  5. Spending time with Family, Thanking the LORD for the past year and giving thanks for the many blessing He has bestowed on us.

  6. Usually, we have a nice dinner featuring seafood. I don't know how it started, but my family has always had shrimp and fish on Christmas Eve. Then, we go to the midnight Christmas service and open presents when we come home. We eat Christmas cookies and have a festive beverage.

    This year is a mess, though, because my son has to work from 2 until 11 p.m.! I'll have to go to the earlier church service and then we'll open presents and have snacks when he comes home from work.

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      I can understand this... When I had a young family, we rarely had turkey for the holidays (eating it all year). So once we had a seafood boil, and it was heavenly :):) !

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