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I was going thru my bank statement and noticed I did qualify for $4.26 on the PNC Purchase Payback for spending at Kmart. They made the fine details on the requirements a little confusing so I had thought I wasn’t eligible for it but guess I was. I’ve saved so much by shopping at Kmart this year its unbelievable!!
Just cashed in $35 in rewards points on one of those Essential Home retro **** shell rockers for my front porch that was already clearanced down $130 from the original price, add free shipping thanks to the free Shop Your Way Rewards Max trial SHC keeps renewing for me and I’m doing really good!! My recent statement on that said I’ve saved over $250 in shipping costs since December 2012. :-)


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  1. Please fix the site by the way, just noticed the site auto blocked clamshell. That is not a swear word! lol

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