Caramel Apples Or Candied Apples?

This year I have decided to make a batch of each.

I have always bought store bought, but thought it would be a great experience to share with my daughter and grand-daughter this year.

Have you made caramel or candied apples?

If so, how easy was it and do you have any tips to share?


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  1. I'm restarting up here, you two :) !

    Izel, I would have liked to have been close enough to enjoy your over-abundance ; yes, this year was indeed unbelievable for many things green, like in your area !

    Dilly beans, Wendy ? I haven't heard of them either. You'll have to explain them to us ;) ! And it is a shock about my never trying a candied apple - I've always been more of a choco/caramel/taffy-type soft snack person, instead of the hard candy or gum type. I used to give all of mine away that was collected during Halloween, keeping only the chocolate stuff :D
    I also agree - organic and home market products should be priced at least equally, but the "new" angle of "better home grown" products is also a niche market that can indeed command those higher prices... Like the Fruithouse Winery, Joann Fudge, Lily Lathers and many others, to make a living from it one may have to hike up the prices a bit to entice. The offshore products are simple destroying our nearby retailers and small merchants.... I'm going to make an effort to patronize these much more !

    1. In response to yobarps

      Hi yobarps!

      Dilly beans are pickled green beans. They were something that my grandmother use to can each year and every time we came to visit we would eat 2-3 jars LOL

      I did noticed that they had them at the produce store down the road, so I am thinking I might just buy a jar to see if they par up!

      That is tooo funny that you would give your hard candy away! The only way I can eat a candied apple is by cutting it up into quarters, for your right, it is not really easy to bite into, but they sure are tasty! I like all types of candy, my kids even have me hooked on the those sour candies LOL But I do have to say, chocolate and caramel are my utmost favorite candy!

      I can definitely see how and why they would price higher, but doubling the price is a little to much especially when on a budget. The good thing is, they have a lot of homemade canning items which I love to sample and from my point of view, are priced reasonably.

      I think at this point, when we stop, we just have to shop wisely, for as I said, I am all for helping out our smaller Communities!

    2. In response to yobarps

      Howdy, my sweet friend !

      Those pickled beans sound pretty good - I'm stopping by a local Indiana grower for her beets tomorrow, so I'll check there too for them.
      Yes, double is a bit crazy for sure ! And I'm now hooked on the sweet and hot pickles and peppers from a few folks !!!

      I seized the opportunity and picked up the trick and treating candy already... I really can't believe that I haven't opened any of it yet, but the day is young !

      Enjoy your Sunday :):) !

    3. In response to yobarps

      I am sorry to say, but beets are not eaten in this home LOL

      I will have to check for the different types of canned pickles, for I have not heard of hot pickles!

      We decided that we are waiting on buying the candy until a few days before, we tend to eat it up before Halloween gets here! At least my son is not here, so that helps quite a bit! haha

      We have had beautiful weather here for the past few days. I just hope it carries out to the next few so I can go out and enjoy some!

      Have a wonderful day yobarps!

    4. In response to yobarps

      And you're right again, because I broke into the two different bags that I picked up !
      I just got a Reeses bag today, and I'm sure that I'll get into that this weekend :} ! (but at least I'll forego the other bags, I'm certain :D I'm simply ga-ga over Reeses !!!)

  2. Homemade is the way to go if you have the time and supplies for the project especially if it involves getting kids interested in it too.

    My grandma used to make both of these in place of handing out candy on Halloween, she also would do up some caramel popcorn balls.

    I didn't ever make it up there around Halloween but still would get a caramel popcorn ball since my dad would be up there deer hunting so of course grandma would send him home with a few for me. :-)

    1. In response to izel8326

      I forgot about the caramel popcorn balls!

      I am going to have to make some of those too! I have not had any in quite a while! Thank you for bringing that up izel!

      What great memories izel, for I had an Aunt who had made them and would get one every Halloween for we had only went to our family for trick or treating and nearby neighbors.Good times!

  3. I'm a "Buy-em" guy and have never made them personally... My ex used to make them with the kiddies when they were very young.
    But as far as EATING them,,,, I'm the Taffy Apple champ ! I have yet to indulge this year, but I will indeed do it in a big way !
    Never had a candied apple before though.... :)

    1. In response to yobarps

      I am shocked! You have not tried a candied apple? This is one treat we would always go for at the fairs. LOL

      I hear you on eating the caramel ones, sooo tasty! I am looking forward in seeing what my grand-daughter thinks of them!

      Of course she takes after me, the ooey -gooey and sticky - ickest the better they taste!

    2. In response to yobarps

      Candied apples are the way to go. Too bad you didn't live close by because I'd make you come grab a few of the ones in my back yard. We had a massive apple overload this year! Its insane.

      I made applesauce with a majority but at the point where I can't handle dealing with any more apples this year! lol

    3. In response to yobarps

      I would be over in a heartbeat too!

      I love apples and am going to be trying out a new applesauce recipe that was posted on our blogs a few days ago, Yummm!!

      My sister has an apple tree at their new place, but the apples are a little to bitter for my liking. Hopefully as they years progress they get better tasting. She did however make an apple pie and canned some applesauce with them, but not sure how they turned out yet.

      If you live with quite a few passer-by's maybe you can post a sign outside for Free apples! I am sure quite a few people would stop to help you out!

      Do you think you will have the same for next year?

    4. In response to yobarps

      I really hope our apple tree does as well next year but its hard to say with the way Michigan weather gets, thanks to the Great Lakes it can either be perfect for fruit or destroy a whole crop.

      Last year we had the bad frost that impacted fruit crops and our tree didn't produce a single apple. I read online fruit trees will over produce the following year if the previous crop didn't turn out well.

      My best friend & I discussed possibly doing a small farmers market type stand at my house next year too. We would sell a variety of fruits/vegetables along with her baked goods.

      I have a decent size carport off the side of my garage sitting unused perfect for this idea, my business knowledge would allow us to push sales etc so its a possibility we just might end up doing this.

    5. In response to yobarps

      How interesting! I had no idea that they would over produce. I wonder if it is like that for all fruit trees for my brothers plum tree was filled this year where it was not even half full last year.

      Wouldn't that be nice to have a little market at your home? Do you think you would have to get some sort of license to do so? I was just thinking along the lines of all these poor kids who aren't able to sell lemonade anymore without a permit. Ridiculous!

      I am sure it would take off nicely as you and your friend put your heads together!

      I visited our Community produce stand a few weeks ago and was very upset in how high their prices were compared to our local stores. Organic or not, they should at least be comparable to keep people coming back to support our local farmers.

      Have you ever heard of dilly beans?

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