Can we post questions about here at the myKmart forums?

The reason I ask is that although I understand that is a SHC entity I notice that their offices are not located in Hoffman Estates. They are located in Des Moines, IA. The mygofer website is substantially different from the Kmart or Sears websites in it’s functionality. currently does not have a forum like this. They have a blog, but there is no link to it on the website. You have to search for it separately. Strangely enough though when you go to the blog, there is a link to the main website. The blog does not allow asking questions. There is a section for feedback but I’ve never had any luck in having anyone respond to any opinions or questions I’ve posed.


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  1. Hi, inuvik6. Feel free to share you MyGofer question here! We will do our best to answer the question or find someone who can help us find the answer for you.

    Thanks for reaching out!