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Can the baby roses thrive in an indoor apartment?

Hi Kris,

This maybe a silly question, but can I grow the baby roses inside? Each time I get them as gifts, I seem to kill them off within a week. Is there some kind of special trick to keep them alive and thriving?

Thank you ;)


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  1. It may surprise you to know that you can grow many, many plants indoors as long as their specific growing conditions are provided for. And miniature roses happen to be one of the plants that can grow indoors. The easy conditions to provide for include average warmth between 50 to 75 degrees F during the growing season; water liberally when indoors and allow the soil to dry out slightly between waterings; remove faded blooms during the flowering season to prolong the bloom period; and use an organic fertilizer or rose food (diluted by half) at bloom time and just after flowering.

    As for the more challenging requirements, indoor roses need a sunny window, high humidity (misting leaves daily helps), and very specific after care if you want to keep the plant going the following year. (Some people toss the rose after the first year.) Indoor roses go dormant in winter and require a rest period with cool temperatures, but not freezing. You can overwinter them in a garage, shed or basement or any area that is cool. Good luck!

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