can somebody tell me the coupon policy with printed coupons from home? i sent an email to corporate but they were too confusing. never had an issue at the oregon city,or. kmart ever til the day i got the rude checker i have never seen before.


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  1. Hi hevenly4u,

    I am very sorry to hear that you had an issue in Oregon City. Here is a link to the information on our coupon policies.

    I also wanted to share with you on how double coupons may work as well just in case you are using this option during purchases.

    Please know that their is a minimal purchase of $25 in grocery, drug and household products to be able to do so.

    The limit is 5 coupons per day per member. Members can double up to and including $1 coupons. Any coupons over $1 are not doubled in any way. Only manufacturer coupons are eligible to be doubled, Kmart store coupons are not doubled.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions in regards to the coupon policies for we would be happy to help you further.

    Thank you!

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