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  1. I am very frustrated not able to make a layaway payment why make it difficult to search on line NOT HAPPY!!!!!

  2. Hi, LizJohnson. Welcome to the MyKmart Community!

    Please click here to make an online layaway payment now.

    Hope this helps. Feel free to reach out with any additional questions!

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      I click the link provided to make a layaway payment and it just brings me to a screen with items for sale. No where to make a payment. The lady at Kmart made it sound so simple. Just go to the website and make a payment. Instead I have to google how to make a layaway payment and it brings me to this page. Everyone is asking the same question. Why isnt there a "so simple" link on the website to just make a payment?

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      Hi adowney,

      Normally the link is working and takes you right to the layaway page, but for some reason it is not working.

      Another way to make a payment is to click on "Customer Service" below in the right corner.

      Click on tab "Customer Service" then click on "Check Order Status". Once the pop up displays you can click on "Make A Layaway Payment".

      Once again we are sorry for the inconvenience that this might have caused.

      Thank you!

    3. In response to laurelS

      It it has been over 2 weeks and it is still not working! Also had to google to find out how to make a payment. Should not be this difficult.

    4. In response to laurelS

      Just tried customer service and that is not working either.

    5. In response to laurelS

      Hi britgal9857,

      I am seeing that you can still access your account by clicking on "Customer Service" at the bottom of this page and then on then "Customer Service Home". Once the page pops up, click on "check order status". Another pop-up appears and at the bottom of the sign in you have the option to make a new contract or layaway payment. Is this option not working for you? If not, please let us know what you are seeing so we can help you further.

      Another option is to view your online layaway transactions in the 'Order Center' of your online Account.

      If the layaway transactions were completed in-store, please contact the store for transaction documentation.

      To access your online layaway transactions, please follow these steps:

      1. Go to and log in to your account using your email and password
      2. Once logged in, hover over your user name in the top right corner of the page (left of shopping cart)
      3. When drop down appears, click 'Order Center' link
      4. Click 'layaway' tab on the right side of page to view your layaway transactions

      Hope this helps! Please feel free to reply with any additional questions.

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