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Can I grow greenhouse cucumbers in my sunroom in the winter? I live in zone 5 but I have a 11×16 southfacing sunroom off my kitchen that is floor to ceiling windows.


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  1. It may be a bit tricky and a lot depends on the amount of sunny days you have in winter and how low your temperatures dip at night. A few factors to consider: you need to provide supplemental heat if nighttime temperatures dip below 40 degreesF; you may need to provide supplemental light during the darker days of winter; you need to provide some type of ventilation, whether having a fan blowing in the direction of the cucumbers and/or opening a door, window, or turning on a ventilating fan during sunny days; and you also need to avoid over fertilizing with nitrogen--compost is your best food source during this time. Ultimately you may have better luck with an early spring planting, but part of the fun with gardening is experimenting so have at it. Good luck!

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