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can I graft Stewert avocado ont an avocado I grew from seed from an avocado I ate? Will it produce? How do I tell if it’s a male or female avocado plant?


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  1. The answer is, yes you can. However, the tree may still not produce fruit, and even under the best of conditions it can take from 7 to 15 years to produce fruit. Grafting scion wood from a desired avocado seedling will sweeten the odds. Here's an informative link to more info on grafting:

    Getting your grafted tree to produce fruit also depends on combining both a type A avocado with a type B avocado. Rather than being one sex or another, avocados are classified by their blooming patterns. Here's a link the describes each type: What Is the Difference Between a Male & Female Avocado Plant? | eHow Good luck!

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