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  1. Hi Scottrogn,

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    There are 4 options in locating your receipt, signing into your Kmart account, SYWR account, use the online Customer Service or by having an associate look up your account within your local store.

    Follow these steps to locate your receipt by using your Kmart account:

    • Click name on top right side
    • Click “My Profile” on drop down menu
    • Click “My Shopping”
    • Click "Order Center”
    • Scroll through your orders until you find the correct one

    To locate your receipt through your SYWR account:

    • Click on "Rewards" and at the bottom of the pop-up page click on "Account History".
    • Here you will find past and present purchases.

    Unfortunately you will not be able to print receipts, but you can provide the order ID and sales check to an online Customer Service Representative.

    The last option is to visit your local Kmart store where an associate can pull up your account and provide you with the receipt details you need.

    Hope that helps!