can anyone tell me why it is nessesary to apply online for a job?

i have a friend that lives in the Newerk Del. area and she is a single mother of 3 kids, living here and there trying to find work to get a place to live and another car because the one she has now will not pass inspection again due to a accident where she was hit by another car. she was looking for work at the store in her area and was told she MUST apply online.

so the only way to work for your firm is to not NEED to supply yourself with the things that it takes money from A JOB to get. such as gas for her car, a place to live, or a computer!

its companies like yours that are raping the public!


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  1. Hi mathewsdeer. Welcome to the MyKmart Community & thanks for sharing your question and concerns here!

    I am very sorry to hear your friend is going through a difficult time.
    The online application is helpful for the Human Resources Team to gather all the necessary information needed for hiring in the most efficient process electronically. Your friend can certainly complete an application at the in-store computer station if she does not have a computer or internet access available. Ask an associate or manager to help her locate the station where she can complete the application by computer in-store.

    Hope this helps and best of luck to your friend!

    1. In response to laurelS

      Thant's funny... I went to the store to complete an application and was told at the customer service counter that I needed to do complete the application online. I advised the clerk that I didnt have internet access and she suggested I ask a friend. I dont think it's necessary at this point to explain why people might not want to revert to their friends for everything.

      It's just frustrating. Thanks for answering, I appreciate it.

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