Blue Light Special Kmart Board Game

I was on eBay browsing all sorts of items, not really planning to buy but if I came across something interesting the chance was there. I was getting bored with my random searches on there, typing in Kmart last just to see what would come up and there three items down was a board game I’d seen before two years ago which was immediately sold before I could place a bid. The fact this one of a kind game was gone was quite depressing to me because it was mine or at least had to be because I am a hardcore Kmart fan. lol
Tonight I once again found the Blue Light Special Board Game, almost had a stroke out of excitement and the price of $60 was enough to send me into a heart attack but I survived it all and hit that “commit to buy” button! That game is mine!!
My ultimate goal is to hold onto this for as long as possible, when I’m ready to part with this one of a kind very rare games I have a good plan in store for it. Lansing Michigan boasts a Historical Museum with everything Michigan related including a small Kmart display since it was founded here in the state so I believe this piece will one day end up there as a donation piece for the display. :-)


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  1. Are you kidding?? The is a great find! WOW! I am in shock that you just happened to purchase it, for it is indeed quite rare.

    Gosh I still have memories of the Kmart blue light specials for my mom was a major Kmart shopper! I remember when I was young and my mom would hear of the Blue Light Special over the intercom, boy howdy she would have all 6 of us kids holding onto the cart and rushing over. I think she just liked trying to be the first one there LOL

    I think that is such an awesome idea to donate Izel! I am sure once it is displayed it will also bring back memories to others.

    Let us know once you get the game if it was everything they stated it would be. Have personally ever played the game? I remember only playing it once at a friends house when I was really young.

    So exciting! Thank you for the great share! ;)

    1. In response to SHC-WendyFD-2

      I remember those days of the Blue Light Special well shopping with my own mom, good times! I have yet to play that Blue Light Special board game I ordered and can say I really don't recall anyone I know having it so its obviously very rare.

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