Black Friday Is Here

Who all is heading out this morning for Black Friday or should I say who did since most will be reading this after the early morning rush for those great savings. We have three of us here drinking lots of coffee getting ready to drive 30 miles just to shop at Kmart because we know which store is the best.


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  1. Wow, 30 miles! I only have to go 6 miles to shop at the K! Hope you had a safe and pleasant trip, and you got everything on your list!

  2. Happy Black Friday, Izel! Sounds like a fun group heading out with you to Kmart this morning. Hope you all find lots of great deals awaiting you! Do you have anything specific on your shopping list today? Let us know how your trip goes! I will be doing some Black Friday shopping online this morning. :)

    1. In response to laurelS

      We had a really good shopping experience besides the turn for the worst in weather an hour before heading out. We stood in a small line for about thirty minutes waiting for the Saint Johns MI Kmart to open, VERY cold & windy! We weren't really looking for anything in particular, just out seeing what bargains we could find. Most of the Christmas shopping list has been taken care of though, would have been nice to see some better/more door busters but it wasn't just Kmart lacking in those deals. The store we were at is basically next door to a Walmart, saw at least three people leave for that store but came back well before Kmart opened due to lack of deals. On a good note, another friend of mine also hit up a Kmart in Petoskey MI while on a weekend trip up to the casino in that area. She had to tell me she won $400 & was heading out to Kmart.

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