Best remedies for allergy symptoms?

Tis the season for allergy troubles! I have been having some serious allergy issues the past week and wanted to avoid taking an over the counter medication but feel like it may be time to pick up some meds to get through the rest of the season. What type of allergy medicine do you prefer? Do you have a natural home remedy?


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  1. Have you invested in a good air purifier for your bedroom? We deal with dust and seasonal allergies in my house and find that running an air purifier in the bedroom really helps.

  2. I get allergy all year round now, but colder weather brings a different type. It would be from the heater starting when it gets cold, and maybe mold. During the summer I have fresh herbs so that helps and now I take vitamins. You can look into air purifiers as well. If you get a cold they also have vaporizers etc. The type of allergy pills I liked the most is no longer on the market and so I have been trying out some. One I need because of mouth and head pain is the Advil and I use it because I do not like to take two types of medicines at once. Zyrtec is good and I have not tried the D formula. It may make you drowsy . I also have tried some store brands and the W drugstore is good. I will be trying Claritan for non -drowsy in a few weeks. It depends what works for the individual. I think Kris can help you with an indoor fresh garden for the winter which I wanted to do. There are specific types of herbs to try, but I feel it has to go with your health history and medications. Some make them ineffective, increase the effect, or may help one thing and not be helpful for another. Others go to acupuncturist who know herbal medicine. The nasal sprays help some other people but you have to watch that you do not get nasal bleeding from them. I think those are mostly prescription that are good, but new types are coming out for over the counter.

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      Yes, a friend of mine had an indoor herb garden, and she bragged about her lack of any illness. She was a health nut and very fit for her age, so there must be something real to it indeed !
      I've also heard that your local honey can be very beneficial for sufferers :) My heart goes out to all of you during these peak releases !

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