Best practices for a baby gift and support for new parents?

My neighbors just had a new baby boy! I am so excited for them and want to do something special for the baby and family but I’m struggling to decide what to do for them. I don’t want to overwhelm them by stopping in yet but wanted to make them a meal and maybe pick up a small gift for the new baby.

Any ideas on what to do for this new mom and dad? And their new baby?


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  1. Wow - these are all wonderful ideas !
    Don't forget the offer of sitting, Laurel ! They Also need some time to themselves for the "deep breath" !:)!

  2. Though I can't say for immediate help or gifts-my friend had a sick baby and could not find anyone to help. So, just having someone go to the store and pick up something necessary would have been of the most help. That means something like food, and other things mentioned so they can have extra time to do something else.

  3. How exciting!

    I agree with filmdork! Giving them time to settle in with a new baby helps tremendously for they will be trying to work out a schedule for the little one.

    Most new parents welcome, gift cards, diapers, clothes, formula, baby essentials such as shampoo, body wash, diaper bags, wet wipes etc.

    For the parents I always offered a night out when they were ready, especially if you know them well enough.

    I also think a nice home cooked meal is wonderful, for the first few weeks can be pretty exhausting and at times you are just to tired to cook. ;-)

  4. For the baby, get clothing that is for the next season (either fall or winter). Most people buy newborn or 0-3 months. For the mom and dad, wait a couple weeks til things have calmed down to bring them something. Again, most people try to do something right when the baby gets home. They will appreciate you giving them the space, but also helping out when most people have already cleared out. Call before you bring over anything, and ask about allergies/food preferences. Don't want to bring over something like chicken with a thai peanut sauce if they are vegetarians and have a peanut allergy.

    1. In response to filmdork

      Great suggestions, filmdork! I have been worried about visiting too soon. Also smart idea to ask about allergies/food preferences. I hadn't thought about that! I think I will wait a couple weeks before heading over to drop off a meal & gift, give the family time to get settled in. Thanks again for sharing these suggestions!

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