Best find on Black Friday?

Happy Black Friday! Find a great deal? Did you shop online or in the store? Share your Black Friday experience with us here!


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  1. I bought most of my things at the Thursday morning sale. I think the wool coat I bought for $24.99 was the best deal because it was the EXACT coat that caught my eye when the winter merchandise first came in! I was so lucky that it was the brand and style chosen for the special deal! I'm thrilled with my stand mixer, too -- it will make holiday cooking and baking so much easier for me!

    A friend and I went to the 8 p.m. sale, mostly to watch the festivities, haha. I did need some new sweats to replace the lounge wear I had to leave behind in England so I could fit all of the gifts and stuff I bought in my suitcase! Anyhoo, the line in front of the K was twice as long as last year! Everything was very orderly when they opened the doors, though. Everything was flying off the shelves but no one was being rude or mean. I'm glad we got there at the beginning because the sweats were selling fast! I got the last mediums in the colors I wanted! I bought some pajama pants for my son and a Harry Potter DVD, too. All of the checkout lines were open and folks were moving through swiftly. It was a very successful shopping day! :)

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