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Besides raised beds, do you have any tips for those of us gardeners that are handicapped? Planting takes a lot of energy and I find I cannot weed as often as needed the whole growing season.Thank you!

And if you DO have any ideas for raised beds please share them. :-)


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  1. Raised beds are certainly one of the easiest ways to make any garden more handicap accessible. However, container gardens, hanging baskets and window boxes gardens also make gardening easy, especially when placed on stands, benches, tables, stones, walls, or any object that brings the gardening space up to a more comfortable and accessible height. As for hanging baskets, you can easily lower them within reach when placed on a pulley hanger that allows you to raise or lower the basket as needed. And the added bonus about container gardens is you have little to no weed worries. If you do garden in raised beds or table beds--which are elevated shallow beds supported on legs--mulch goes a long way in preventing weeds and conserving soil moisture so you water and weed less.

    As for ease in planting, the right tool can make the difference in conserving your energy and maximizing your muscle power. Look for ergonomically designed tools that allow you to work in comfort, are lightweight yet powerful, easy to control, easy to grip, and pamper your hands with cushioned handles. Opt for shears with two gears, which will amplify the cutting force, even at the blade's tip. Good luck!

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