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At the end of apple season my apples have many holes bored in them by insects. Can you give me some tips on how to handle this problem?


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  1. You may have coddling moths, or it may be apple maggots. Organic controls for both include daily removal of fallen fruit until harvest. However it's important that you boil the fallen fruit before composting so that larvae inside is killed. Sticky traps baited with pheromones are available commercially. Planet Natural sells beneficial insects, sticky traps and other organic pest controls and has additional information on handling your insect situation for apple maggots:

    If your problem is due to the coddling moth, specific measures include releasing trichogramma wasps, which ultimately become parasites of the coddling moth larvae before their eggs ever hatch. You can also control these pests with products containing bacillus thuringiensis (Bt), such as Dipel. Good luck!

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