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Are there any vegetables or spices that I can plant in August?

I will be moving to Coos Bay Oregon in the beginning of August. My sister has provided me with a small area to plant some vegetables and spices. I am not quite sure as to what type of soil it is yet, but would like to know if there is anything that I can plant with it being so late in the season.
I appreciate any tips that you can provide for this will be my very first time planting a garden. ;)


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  1. It's never too late to plant vegetables or herbs in the garden, especially in Coos Bay. First, a little garden background for your new move: The average last spring frost date is 4/4; the average first fall frost date is 11/3; Coos Bay is in USDA zone 7B. This info is important as it will help you determine how early or how late you can plant veggies and herbs. All you do is find the date to maturity for the veggie (listed on the seed packet or plant tag) and count backward. Let's say that the average maturity date for radishes is 30 days. That means you can plant radishes as late as late September to early October. Quick-maturing veggies and hard-to transplant veggies like radishes, carrots, and turnips are best started from seed, but you can beat the odds by buying plants. Here's a link to an article of mine on speedy veggies for when you get a late start in planting:

    It's typically too late to plant warm season veggies outdoors, such as tomatoes, peppers and eggplant unless you're growing a quick-to-mature variety and cover is with a season extender--but that's for another time. However you have plenty of options; snap peas, snow peas, radishes, greens of any sort, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, brussels sprouts, turnips, beets, etc. As for herbs, buy a large basil plant, fertilize with aged manure and you'll get a good month or two of harvests. You can plant rosemary, oregano, sage, chives, parsley or most any perennial or biennial herb in the ground for ample harvests come next spring. Since this is your first garden, the key is to start small. Choose three veggies and three to five herbs that you want to grow and see how it goes. Good luck on your move and happy planting!

    1. In response to Kris_Wetherbee

      Great! Thank you so much!I had no idea there would be this much that I can plant.

      But, since I do not have a green thumb, I will be taking your advice and be choosing 3 veggies and some herbs to start off.

      I appreciate the tips and advice Kris ;)

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