Are my points for use here too?

I received an e-mail from Sears and did not know I had points to use. Problem is they gave me hardly any time to use them. I have been both at Kmart and Sears and finally found something to purchase. Except my e-mail says to redeem at Sears and I have only till today. Since I never ordered from either, I may not be able to get it in and need help. I have a coupon showing up for this site with a code, and I also have a gift card too. So, it is too late for customer service calls and running late on getting it in. I want to buy something from Kmart, and thus with the time element, I have to ask this question.


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  1. Howdy ! I've missed you... !
    I received a similar offer in Sears jewelry (points if I acted now). I didn't want anything in that department and the offer was for a short time only... I believe that these are generated from our prior purchases, because now I receive women's shoe deals simply because I ordered a unisex pair listed under the women's department :(
    I haven't had time to update/delete my shopping profile yet, so I currently just ignore the emails....

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      I'm glad that I did not come back before to leave a message for the moderator, because I don't get responses via e-mail, and I would have missed yours. I appreciate your comment. I should tell you that they sent another offer for me once I got it shipped, but it has to be used right away-check the items if you are ordering soon. I got free shipping. It also goes out right away which I think if this is a policy of Kmart, they should really advertise it. I got it fast and it was not from my area Kmart if I am correct.

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      I used a double negative in my sentence, so I request edit button please.

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      You're so welcome ! I received another ad today for 3000 pts if I spend money in the game room page by Oct 22... I'm glad that you received the free shipping :)
      Happy Friday !!!

  2. Hi For2Day. I would suggest calling (1-866-562-7848) or chatting with a Kmart online customer service team member on this one as there are a few different payment methods and discounts you want to use!

    1. In response to laurelS

      Unfortunately, I ended up with only minutes to make a decision and had to cut my order down. But, I for some reason got free shipping instead, so I did not use my gift card rewards, and the set up was difficult. They had sent me two different cards, and the one I had was not accepted. The rewards sent for me via e-mail did go through on Kmart. Is there something that can be done about the drop down menu for Departments to purchase from. Even when I made the screen smaller, I had trouble getting to the bottom and it would keep switching that I could not click on it. And, thank you for leaving me a message. I don't get them into my e-mail.

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